Company overview

viDA Therapeutics, Inc. (viDA) is a private, venture-backed biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel and targeted therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune and age-related chronic inflammatory diseases. 

Our unique discovery platform is based on novel research regarding a distinctly different and recently identified, extracellular role for Granzyme B (GzmB) in tissue destruction and degradation. We have elucidated mechanisms of action and validated GzmB as a therapeutic target in cellular, animal and human models of aging, autoimmune and/or chronic disease.

Incorporated in February, 2008 viDA is a spin-off company established from research conducted in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Our scientific founder, Dr. David Granville, is a recognized, world leader in Granzyme research ( Dr. Granville and his team are responsible for generating a wide body of research pertaining to the role of Granzyme serine proteases in disease, on which viDA’s intellectual property and technology is based.


Tissue Repair and Remodel 

It is well documented that as we age, the body is subject to repeated environmental micro-assaults that ultimately lead to the loss of structural tissue integrity, increased susceptibility to injury, chronic inflammation, reduced reparative capacity, and impaired function. This type of damage is characteristic of a number of age associated diseases related to the heart/brain (aneurysms, atherosclerosis, stroke, myocardial infarction, and neurodegeneration), skin (tears, blisters, wrinkles, thinning, and impaired healing), eyes (macular degeneration), ears (hearing loss), lung (COPD) and joints (arthritis). We have identified a common culprit leading the ongoing assault in these chronic age associated diseases, the extracellular enzyme, Granzyme B (GzmB).

Over the past 12 years, we have challenged and have successfully expanded the previous 20 years’ worth of dogma regarding the role of GzmB. We and others have corroborated, that by specifically targeting this particular enzyme, we can prevent the pathological and detrimental role of extracellular GzmB, thereby facilitating tissue repair and remodelling. We have demonstrated, and published in peer-reviewed journals, the therapeutic value of GzmB inhibition in numerous models of age and/or chronic disease including: heart and blood vessels (aortic aneurysm, fibrosis, atherosclerosis, vascular leakage), skin (extrinsic skin aging/photoaging, delayed wound healing, microvascular permeability, blistering) and brain and spinal cord (multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury).

Our initial focus is to clinically validate our target in autoimmune skin diseases. Strategically, by initially pursuing dermatology indications, viDA can, in a cost effective, well defined regulatory path, and timely manner, establish critical clinical proof of concept of GzmB as a validated clinical target. This will also position the topical drug product as a dermatology platform opportunity for addressing a number of compromised skin diseases thus creating significant patient and shareholder value as well as partnering, co-development opportunities.

The results would also serve to further support a broader GzmB treatment initiative that would utilize novel GzmB inhibitors delivered via different modalities (ie IV, oral, subcutaneous) to treat a number of age-related chronic inflammatory diseases (ie multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, aneurysm, COPD).  Such systemic treatment options would enhance the potential overall therapeutic value of extracellular GzmB inhibition in a number of age-related chronic inflammatory diseases as well as lead to the validation of the entire granzyme technology platform.